Community Guidelines

nothing compares to word of mouth.

Covey is a platform for finding community, meeting new friends and learning about local activities. The community discussion forums are a safe space for parents to share the ups and downs of parenting privately with other members of Covey. To ensure the forums continue to be a safe space, we need to enforce a few basic guidelines.

Support each other

Whatever parenting choices you make are yours; we don’t judge.  We will not tolerate mean comments to others.

Please take medical questions to a professional.

Covey communities (‘coveys’) are not an appropriate forum to seek medical or healthcare advice.  Coveys are meant to serve as a forum for exchanging experiences and sharing educational information and are not a substitute for medical or healthcare advice or treatment.  Do not under any circumstances delay seeking medical advice or treatment for yourself or your child based on information you obtain through a covey or while waiting for a response to a post.  If you think you or your child has a medical emergency, call your doctor, visit an emergency room or dial 911 immediately.

Likewise, please take legal questions to a professional.

If you have legal questions, please speak directly with a lawyer.

No soliciting or promotion of businesses.

Please contact us at if you have something you think others could benefit from and we can talk.

We reserve the right to remove any post that violates the above guidelines. Any community member that violates the rules more than one time may be removed.

Covey is not responsible for information or opinions expressed in a community.

The opinions expressed by individuals in the Covey app are solely those of the individual expressing them, who may or may not have medical or professional health care training. These opinions do not represent the opinions of Covey. Covey does not monitor or edit posts for accuracy or any other reason except for compliance with Covey’s Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. Covey does not recommend or endorse any specific healthcare professional (including, without limitation, experts), treatment, or product.


If you witness any of the above guidelines being violated, please contact us with the details at